Course Details – Advance Tarot Cards Reading With Past Life Regression

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Course By Celebrity Astrologer Priyanka Sawant

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 Course Details:-

Eligibility : -

After you complete Our Level One Course – “Professional Tarot Cards Reading Course” your Eligible to join our Level Two Course – “Advance Tarot Card Reading With Past Life Reading Course”

The Course Contains:-

* This course is a Professional Tarot Cards Reading Course (by this course you can be a professional Advance tarot reader and Past Life Regression Therapist).

Material Provided:- (Included in fees)

1) Printed Notes Book Compiled By Celebrity Astrologer Priyanka Sawant.

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The Course Syllabus:-

  1. Different types of Personalized  Advance Spreads (Layouts),

  2. How to interpret the cards according to the Advance method,

  3. How to interpret the Spreads according to the Advance method,

  4. What kind of treatment require to give with solution,

  5. Meditation,

  6. How to use your intuition & psychic powers,

  7. Past Life Regression With The Help Of Tarot Cards,

  8. Past Life Regression By Your Soul Journey,

  9. Experiencing tarot card energies,

  10. Having conversation with the card energy,

  11. Traveling inside the cards,

  12. Pet Talk By Tarot Cards (Get answers if you dnt understand your pets language & want to know what your pets like dog, cat…etc wants to talk to you…)

After Taking our course you will be able to give professional readings to people,with this course you wont only be able to understand yourself but also others, you can give solution & treatments to the problems and many more things…

Course Duration:-

3days to 4 days course-3 to 4 hrs each day.

[We work 7 Days a week, we have batches on "week days" as well as "week end"...for further details contact us]

Branch:- (We are based in India Only)

♦  { Head Office }

Mumbai:- Andheri kurla road, Andheri East.

{ Note:- Mumbai Available Regular }




* In Mumbai & Pune 

- Female Batch & Male Batch Available

(we take male batches separately & female batches separately)

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Please Note The Following Points:-

  • We are astrologer & we are humans not God, its a God Blessing when our  prediction goes right, as we always thank Lord Shiva for the blessing when our prediction goes right....we don’t take the credit of it....because after all God is the creator of every situation...

  • Through astrology studies we predict the future of a human being... So that you can take precaution in advance,

  • Dont contact us for black magic service as we dont provide, we don’t  provide any magic or remedy going against the gods will....

  • Astrologers are not black magic practitioners....

  • We are spiritual people...we believe in God if you want any negative energies don’t call us.... as we dont provide.

Thank You

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